The Episcopal Church in Youngstown, NY

Commission to Dismantle Racism and Discrimination

Our representatives on the Diocesan Commission to Dismantle Racism and Discrimination are Mother Barbara, Jean Gerlach and Barbara Yandian. They have planned several special events for our parish in 2023, including: 

The Thomas Ashford Story: Jean, Barbara and Mother Barbara hosted a special coffee hour, where we viewed a short YouTube video, “The Thomas Ashford Story.” Tom was present with us, and answered questions and continued the conversation about his experience of attending St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in the 1950’s, when it was a predominately White congregation.

Guest Musician, Jeremy Printup, Tuscarora Nation: we were delighted when Jeremy accepted our invitation to share his musical talents with us. He provided the offeratory music at our March 12 Sunday service, singing two songs with verses in Tuscarora and English. The congregation was visibly moved by his heartfelt singing and guitar playing. 

Tuscarora Language Teacher, Caitlin Philips: Caitlin has been invited to share with us her efforts in keeping the Tuscarora language alive. She teaches at the Tuscarora Indian School in Niagara-Wheatfield, and works tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and safeguarding Native American cultural traditions.

Book Study, Ladder to the Light: an Indigeneous Elder's Meditations on Hope and Courage by Steven Charleston. Rev. Charleston is one of the most spirit-filled inspirational writers in the Episcopal Church today. He served as Bishop of the Diocese of Alaska and President and Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School. He is a leading voice for justice for Indigenous peoples.

Read Bishop Sean's pastoral letter, written in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by police officers in 2020. Bishop Sean asks that we pray and work for an end to racial inequality, saying "...together, we can do the work of repenting of white supremacy and racism, committing ourselves to holy change and the peace of God which passes all understanding."   This letter was the springboard to the formation of the Diocesan Commission to Dismantle Racism and Discrimination.